Lipoid Proteinosis by Kachewar et al, A) hyperkeratosis in right elbow, B) depigmented lower lip and almost tied tongue due to deposition of hyaline like material in frenulum, C) wax like appearance of hands, D) hyaline like deposits at dermo-epidermal junction (H& E stain). See in detail in this issue.



Table of Contents
January 2009 Volume 6 Number 1
Review Articles
Ear-lobe crease: A sign of cerebrovascular risk
Isha Shrestha, MD
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Lipoid Proteinosis
Sushil Kachewar, MD
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Original Articles
Feasibilty of Transphenoidal Surgery for Pituitary Tumors with Parasellar and Suprasellar Extension
Pranaya Shrestha, MBBS
Abstract     Full Text (pdf)

Analysis of morphology of the basilar-superior cerebellar artery aneurysms
Shigeyuki Sakamoto, MD
Abstract     Full Text (pdf)

Pattern of adverse drug reactions to conventional anti-epileptic drugs monotherapy in Nepalese children
Kashyap Narsingh Shakya, FCPS
Abstract     Full Text (pdf)
Outcome and mortality of post clipping ruptured cerebral aneurysm patients � our experience of 20 cases
Khandakar A Talha, MS
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Neuro View Box
Sturge-Weber Syndrome: An Illustration
Pranaya Shrestha, MBBS
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Case Reports
Metastatic Brain Tumor: A Case with Diagnostic Dilemma
Nilam Kumar Khadka,MBBS, MCh
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Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis Following Appendicectomy under Spinal Anesthesia
Ujjwal Chalise, MBBS
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