Table of Contents
January 2008 Volume 5 Number 1
Original Articles
Management of Intracranial Cystic lesions: Experience from a Small Center of A Developing Country.
Amit Agrawal, MCh
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A comparative Study between Cyproheptadine and Amitriptyline on the Treatment of Tension Type Headache.
Rabindra Shrestha, MD, KN Shakya, MD
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Neurological Classics
�Neurosurgery� in The Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus.
James Henry Breasted
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Neuro View Box
�Heart� in the Brain.
Ranjan Sapkota, MBBS
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Case Reports
Isolated Rosai-Dorfman Disease of the Cerebellar Hemisphere as a Rare Differential Diagnosis of Metastatic Brain Disease.
Nicolay A. Peev, MD, Svetoslav K. Kalevski,MD, Dimiter G. Haritonov, MD, Peter I. Ghenev, MD, Ivan J. Krasnaliev, MD
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Sciatica Caused by Cervical Disc Protrusion.
Marcel Seiz , MD, Ulf C. Schneider, MD, Johannes Woitzik, MD, Martin Barth, MD, Claudius Thom�, MD
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Call Fleming Syndrome: Case Report.
Robin Karmacharya, MBBS, Mita Singh, MD, Suniti Rawal, MD
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Dyke- Davidoff- Masson Syndrome: Case Report.
Sujeet Raina, MD, Satinder S. Kaushal, MD, Dilip Gupta, MD
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