Table of Contents
January 2007 Volume 4 Number 1
Review Articles
Alzheimer’s Dementia: An Update
Sahoo saddichha, MD
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Neurocysticercosis: A Review
Amit Agarawal, MCh, Guru Prasad Khanal, MS
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Original Articles
A study to Identify the Appropriate Mass Communication Media for Awareness Raising of Positive Mental Health in Nepal.
Saroj P. Ojha, MD, S. Sigdel, MD, Kapil P. Upadhyaya, MD
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Clinical Profile, Management and Outcome in Traumatic Intracranial Hematomas Undergoing Surgical Intervention.
Amit Agrawal, MCH, C. S. Agrawal, MS, Anand Kumar, MS, Shailesh Adhikari, MS, Rabin Koirala, MS, Amir Bajracharya, MS
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Neurological Classics
Harvey Cushing and Time magazine’s “Letter to the Editor”
Harvey Cushing, MD
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Neuro View Box
Angiomatous Meningioma
R. Swami, MD, A. Ghosh, MD, Seema Pradhan, MD
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Case Reports
Functional Brain Mapping And Localizing Epileptic Zone With Magnetoencephalography: A Review of two Cases With Illustrations.
Akira Hashizume, M.D, Prabin Shrestha MD, Kazunori Arita, MD, Ph.D, Kazuhiko Sugiyama, MD, PhD, Koji Iida, MD, PhD, Ryosuke Hanaya, MD, PhD, Yoshinori Kiura, M.D, PhD, Fumiyuki Yamasaki, MD, PhD, Hiro
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Intracranial Chordoma Extending to the Cervical Spine in a 4-year-old Child: A Case Report.
Suraj Bajracharya, MS, Pravin Nepal, MS, Awadesh Tiwari, MS, Sagar Raj Panday, MS
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Management of a Giant Intracranial Aneurysm by Coil Embolization: A Case Report with Review of Literature.
Prabin Shrestha, MD, T. Okazaki, MD, S. Sakamoto,MD, S. Ohba, MD, M. Shibukawa, MD, Y. Kiura, MD, and K. Kurisu, MD
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Agenesis of Corpus Callosum Associated with Acyanotic Congenital Heart Disease in a Male Child: A Case Report.
Amar M. Taksande, MS, Kyvilhekar, MS, Manish Jain, MS, Atul Tayade, MD
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Scientific Round-up

Ravi Thapaliya, MBBS, MA ppSc
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