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July 2006 Volume 3 Number 2
Alternative Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis.
JP Agrawal, MD, MHPE
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Special Review Article
A Glimpse into a Journey of a Lifetime.
Timir Banerjee, MD
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Review Articles
Bee Venom Therapy and Low Dose Naltrexone for Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.
Vladimir V. Markelov, MD, Maxim V. Trushin, PhD
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Approach to Neurogenic Bladder in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury.
Pankaj Kumar, MS, G..K. Singh, MS, DNB, Amit Agarawal, MCh , Guru Prasad Khanal, MS
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Original Articles
Role Of Lamotrigine as Add-On Therapy in Resistant Epilepsies.
Parul Lakhanpal, MD, Deepak Kumar Rai, MD
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Development of Neurosurgery in the Eastern region of Nepal: Initial Experience.
Amit Agrawal, MCh, C.S.Agrawal, MS, Anand Kumar, MS,Shailesh Adhikari, MS, Rabin Koirala, MS, Amir Bajrachayra, MBBS
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Neurological Classics
Loss of Speech, Chronic Softening and Partial Destruction of the Left Anterior Lobe of the Brain.
P. Paul Broca, MD
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Neuro View Box
Human Tail!
Mohamad Shifan, MBBS, Sushil K. Shilpakar, MS, Mohan R. Sharma, MS
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Medical Student Section
Creative and Brilliant Patients of Neuroscience.
Laxmi Vilas Ghimire, MBBS
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Case Reports
Solitary Melanocytoma of Base of Skull: Case Report.
Krishna Sharma, MS, DNB
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Unusual C5- C6 Vertebrae Subluxation in a Child : Case Report.
Sanjay Mukharjee, MBBS, Sushil K. Shilpakar, MS, Mohan R. Sharma, MS
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Scientific Round-up

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