Table of Contents
January 2006 Volume 3 Number 1
Special Review Article
Art and Mind. Can Neuroscience Help an Artist Develop His Theory Of Art and the Brain?
Garry Kennard
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Review Articles
Schizophrenia Management: An Update
arul Lakhanpal,MD, Deepak Kumar Rai, MD
Abstract     Full Text (pdf)

Low Grade Gliomas: Current Concepts and Controversies
Amit Agrawal, MS, MCH, Jake Timothy, FRCS, Manoj Kumar, MS
Abstract     Full Text (pdf)

Original Articles
An Analysis of the Differing Management Approaches to Low and High Grade Gliomas. A Single Institution Study
Ismail Ugradhtar, MB ChB, PL Richardson, FRCS
Abstract     Full Text (pdf)

Head Injuries and Mortality: Where can We Improve? A Single Institution Experience
Amit Agrawal, MCH, C. S. Agrawal, MS, G.K.Singh, Owen Lewis,MD, Shailesh Adhikari, MS, Parineeta Thapa
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Historical Vignette
Sir Godfrey N.Hounsfield and his Influence on Medicine
Shanta Lall Shrestha, MSc
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Neuro View Box
Unusual Shunt Complications
Mohan R. Sharma, MS, Sushil K. Shilpakar, MS
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Medical Student Section
Faith healing in Western Nepal
Bishnu R. Giri, P.Ravi Shankar, MD
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Case Reports
Cerebellar Infarctions in Basilar Artery Migraine: Case Report
Rabindranath Das, MRCP, Rakesh Biswas, MRCP
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Intradiploic Epidermoid Cyst Presenting as a Cranial Dermal Sinus: A Diagnostic Dilemma
Sushil Dawka MS, Niranjan Kumar Hazra MS, Moti Lal Panhani, MCh
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Scientific Round-up
Ravi Thapaliya, MBBS, MA ppSc
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Letters to the Editor
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