Table of Contents
July 2005 Volume 2 Number 2
Primum Non Nocere and Neurosurgical Management of Brain Tumors.
Mohan R. Sharma, MS
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Special Review Article
End of Life Care: Frequently Asked Questions and Frequently Questioned Answers.
P. C. Majhi, MD, Digvijay S. Timilsina, MS, Arbinda Sigdel, MS, Daisy Sangraula, MD
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Review Articles
Current Status of Newer Antiepileptic Drugs: A Review.
P. Ravi Shankar, MD, P. subish, Mpharm, Arun K. Dubey, MD, Pranay Mishra, MPharm
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Original Articles
Conventional Radiation Therapy for Huge Surgically Incurable Pituitary Adenomas: Results of a Long-term Retrospective Study.
Kuniki Eguchi, MD, Atsushi Tominaga, MD, Tetsuhiko Sakoguchi, MD, Masayuki Sumida, MD Kaoru Kurisu, MD, Tohru Uozumi, MD, Kazunori Arita, MD
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Carotid Intimomedia Complex Thickening in Patients with Stroke: A Case Control Study.
Ram K. Ghimire, MD, Krishna K. Oli, MD, Sunil Pradhan, MD, Jagdish P. Agrawal, MD
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Review of Neurosurgery in the Elderly.
Ismail Ughratdar, MBBS, Charles West, FRCS
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Oxidized Low-Density Lipoprotein and Paraoxonase Levels in Matched Serum and Cerebrospinal Fluid from Patients with Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Preliminary Results.
Hafize Uzun, PhD, Taner Tanriverdi, MD, Ali Metin Kafadar, MD, Sibel Ertan, MD, Koray Gumustas, PhD, Mehmet Yasar Kaynar, MD
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Historical Vignette
Christian Andreas Doppler, Moving Stars and Rails in the Netherlands.
Laxmi Vilas Ghimire, MBBS
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Neuro View Box
Bilateral Ptosis due to Neurocysticercosis in the Midbrain.
Manoj Sundarka, MRCP
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Medical Student Section
Reflections on Medical Students’ Dimensions.
Matiram Pun
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Case Reports
Cockayne Syndrome.
Arun Neupane, MD, Shiv B. Basneyt, MD,, Jamuna Manandhar, MBBS
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Cytomegalovirus Infection in a Patient Causing Bilateral Papillitis and Gullain Barre Syndrome.
Kamal Lamsal, MBBS, Jagdish P. Agrawal, MD, MHPE, Krishna K. Oli, MD, PhD
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Aicardi Syndrome: Report of a Case and Review of Literature.
Guna Bahadur Thapa, MBBS, Alin Sundas, MD, Awadhesh Tiwari, MD, Monika Thapa, PhD, R. K. Rauniyar, MD, S. K. Khanna, MD
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Histopathological Diagnosis of Cryptococcal Encephalitis in an Immunocompetent Female Presenting with Posterior Fossa Mass and Obstructive Hydrocephalus.
Abhimanyu Jha, MD, Gita Sayami, MD, PhD, Reshmi Shrestha, MBBS
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Scientific Round-up

Ravi Thapaliya, MBBS, MA ppSc
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