CECT shows enhancement in swelling and communication with regional superfi cial veins

Table of Contents
July 2014 Volume 11 Number 2
Corpus Callosotomy: An Ideal Epilepsy Surgery in Underdeveloped Countries
Prabin Shrestha, MD, PhD
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Review Articles
Edaravone, A Free Radical Scavenger: A Short Review
Isha Dhungana, MD, PhD. Prabin Shrestha, MD, PhD.
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Original Articles
Epidemiological Profi le and Outcome in 100 Cases of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury from Eastern Nepal
Yam B Roka MS, MCh. Dev Jaisy MBBS
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Subcellular Localization of Geminin and Its Prognostic Effect in High-Grade Gliomas
Prabin Shrestha, MD, PhD. Seiji Hama, MD, PhD. Taichi Saito, MD, PhD. Fumiyuki Yamasaki, MD, PhD. Kazuhiko Sugiyama, MD, PhD. Kaoru Kurisu, MD, PhD.
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Random Blood Sugar on Admission and Outcome in Acute Ischemic Stroke
Bikram Prasad Gajurel, MD, DM. ParmatmaParajuli, MD. Ragesh Karn, MD. Reema Rajbhandari, MD. Krishna Kumar Oli, MD, PhD.
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Bifrontal Basal Interhemispheric Translaminaterminalis Approach for Resection of Suprasellar Lesions: Analysis of 17 Cases
Shamsul Alam, MBBS, MS. AN W Uddin, MBBS, MS. Mashiur R Majumder, MBBS, MS. ASM A Obaida, MBBS, MS. Anisur Rahman, MBBS, MD. Kamarunnessa Hossain, MBBS, MD.
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Management of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): One Year Experience in Bir Hospital
Dhruba R Adhikari, MS. Prakash Paudel, MS. Bikram Shakya, MS. Gopal R Sharma, MS. Prakash Bista, MCh. Pawan Kumar, MS.
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Neuro View Box
Dandy Walker Malformation with Severe Hydrocephalus
Rajendra Shrestha MD. Benjamin C Warf MD.
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Case Reports
Schwannoma of Small Branch of Cervical Nerve: A Rare Case Repot
Shreedhar Aryal, MBBS. Rajiv Jha, MS, MCh.
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Sinus Pericranii: A Case Report
Sushil G Kachewar, DNB, PhD. Smita S Kachewar, MD
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Chronic Subdural Hematoma Mimicking Placenta in Brain: A Case Report
Anish M Singh, MBBS, MS. Prabin Shrestha, MD, PhD. Reshma Shrestha, MBBS, MD. Hemant Sha, MBBS, MS.
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