1. Basics of MRI
  2. Gray’s
  3. Anatomy
  4. Geographical Neurosurgery
  5. Harrison’s OnlineInfectious Diseases of the Central Nervous System
  6. Internet Atlas of Histology Lab Tests Online
  7. Manual of Neuroanesthesia
  8. Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy 
  9. Neurosurgery Residents Handbook
  10. Neurosurgery Teaching Files
  11. Neuroexam.com
  12. Normal Radiologic Anatomy
  13. Online Neuropathology Atlas (University Medical School, Debrecen, Hungary)
  14. Review of Medical PhysiologyRobbins Pathologic Basis of Disease  
  15. Science and Technology Pocket Data Book 
  16. Textbook of Clinical Neurology
  17. The Brain
  18. The Human Brain
  19. University of Iowa Family Practice Handbook
  20. UW Style and Policy Manual for Theses and Dissertations
  21. UWMC/HMC Drug Alerts!
  22. Virtual Hospital: Iowa Health Book
  23. Virtual Library
  24. Scientific and  Technical Acronyms, Symbols and Abbreviations (2002)
  25. America’s Adolescents: Are They Healthy? 2003 edition, published by the National Adolescent Health Information Center. ,Consensus
  26. Statements
  27. Dictionary of Epidemiology
  28. Medical Dictionary