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Tallest lady of Nepal with acromegaly

Dr Prashant Kaushal, MBBS
National Neurosurgical Referral Centre Bir Hospital Kathmandu, Nepal

An 18 year-old girl from Dhorna-2, Siraha presented to the department of neurosurgery, National Neurosurgical Referral Centre, Bir hospital with features of gigantism and paraparesis grade 1/5. She was six feet and nine inches tall with body weight of about 100 kilograms. Radio imagings of brain showed pituitary macroadenoma (1.9 cm in diameter) with serum Growth Hormone (GH) level 20ng/ml. She underwent total excision of tumor by transsphenoidal approach. Although she had troublesome hyperglycemic and diabetic incipidus with hyponatremia, she made a good recovery. Literature on GH secreting pituitary tumor is reviewed here.

Key Words: Acromegaly, GH secreting pituitary tumour, Transsphenoidal pituitary surgery.