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Nasopalatine chondroma: A rare cartilaginous tumor. Case Report

Dr. Vyankatesh D. Aironi, MD, DNB
Department of radio-diagnosis Rural Medical College Amhednagar, Maharashtra, India

Cartilaginous tumors are common in the long bones of the body and relatively rare in the head and neck. When they do occur in head and neck, the most common site is the midface. Since the first case report by Morgan in 1842, approximately 150 cases of head and neck chondroma have been recorded in the English-language literature. In this article we describe a new case in which a chondroma caused a deformity of the hard palate in a 30-year-old lady. The lesion was excised in toto via a Trans palatal approach. We have made an attempt to comprehensively review the literature on this rare and controversial tumor and place special emphasis on its uncertain biologic nature. A detailed discussion of the diagnosis and management of this tumor is also included in this report.

Key Words: Cartilaginous tumor, Chondroma, Nasopalatine