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MRI Features and Differential Diagnosis of Lateral Ventricle Central Neurocytoma, study of 5 cases

Dr Vivek Karki, MBBS
Department of Medical Imaging Nan fang Hospital Southern Medical University Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Central Neurocytoma (CN) accounts for less than 1 % of total brain tumors. It is typically localized in supratentorial ventricular region in relation to septum pellucidum and foramen monro. It is of pure neuronal origin predominantly affecting young individuals between 20-40 years of age. Aim of this study is to evaluate neuroradiological feature of CN in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) with pathological correlation. We retrospectively reviewed five cases of CN diagnosed in last ten years and tried to study their locations and radiological variations in MRI. The age distribution was 20- 54 years, the mean age being 37years. All five lesions were intra ventricular in origin; biventricular in three, right ventricular in one and left ventricular in one. Two cases showed extension to the occipital horn of th right lateral ventricle. In one case intra ventricular lesion was completely cystic. In all the five cases, cystic areas and obstructive hydrocephalus were detected and hemorrhage was seen in only two cases. Though relatively rare, CN is not that uncommon. In case of intraventricular lesions, if it is in relation to septum pellucidum causing obstructive hydrocephalus, containing cystic areas and occasional hemorrhage in MRI with mild to moderate contrast enhancement, CN should always be suspected.

Key Words: central neurocytoma, intraventricular lesions, MRI, radiological features